100% Virtual Allergy Care.

Arrow Allergy as a covered benefit for your employees improves their health and performance while reducing the economic impact of allergies on your organization.

100% Virtual Allergy Care.

Arrow Allergy as a covered benefit for your employees improves their health and performance while reducing the economic impact of allergies on your organization.

Allergies are Taking a Toll on Worker Productivity.

Your employees’ performance and your bottom line are suffering during allergy season. Good news! A more convenient and cost-effective solution is only a click away.

Virtual Visits

With our 100% virtual allergy-care experience, appointments occur via secure telemedicine platform. This means your employees can meet with our licensed medical providers from anywhere, lessening the time spent missing work for appointments, traveling to appointments, and delays in treatment.

At-Home Allergy Test

We send a finger stick test kit directly to the employee’s preferred address, saving them the stress of in person appointments and missed time at work. Our highly accurate test takes only a few minutes to complete and the test kit is returned to the lab in a postage-paid envelope. We also offer ongoing support via telemedicine follow-up visits.

Allergy Drops Therapy

We offer allergy drops therapy, instead of allergy shots, to bring long-term allergy relief. Allergy drops are taken as a painless drop under the tongue. This curative approach is a proven-effective way to bring long-lasting, even life-long relief, without needles. Because the drops are so safe, they can be taken anywhere.

Maximize the health and performance of your workforce during allergy season.


Proven effective treatments that are safe enough to take from the comfort of home.


Less than half the cost of traditional allergy shots programs.


Excellent care with no need to ever miss work.

The Arrow Approach

We understand the impact of allergies on quality of life.  Our licensed medical providers have helped thousands of employees find long-term relief without the cost, pain and inconvenience of allergy shots.
Let us show you how we can save your company thousands of dollars, per allergic employee, every year through our proven-effective 100% virtual allergy-care program.

Reduces “allergy-burdened” days that result in lower productivity by


Reduces healthcare spending 
for patients by


Reduces missed work 
days by



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Program Details

  • Easy implementation - No contracts, PMPM fees or monthly minimums.
  • No physical space requirements at the employer’s office.
  • Services are available in most states, to all employees and dependents.
  • Employee awareness - all employee education and marketing materials are provided.
  • Single-vendor billing - from Arrow Allergy to the employer’s third-party administrator.

Why Now?

  • Productivity losses continue to mount as the incidence of allergy rises and the resulting impact on employee health worsens.
  • Better options are needed. The cost burden and inconvenience of traditional in-office allergy care make it unrealistic for most employees.
  • Today, firms must focus on maximizing employee productivity and well-being to meet the marketplace challenges as they emerge from the current COVID environment.

Do you or your loved ones need allergy care?

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Meet The Team

Neil Smith, 
Founder and CEO of Arrow Allergy
Neil Smith is a serial entrepreneur in the allergy space. He has practiced as a physician assistant for 21 years, including 14 years as an allergy-care specialist. His previous ventures include a successful brick-and-mortar allergy practice in Boulder Colorado along with an allergy-services company that he founded in 2013 and exited via a software license to a multi-national allergy pharmaceutical firm. For the past 14 years, Neil’s passion has been to fill the allergy-care gap by making innovative and cost-effective allergy immunotherapy available to the millions of allergy sufferers in the US.
Andrew Cunningham, MD
Lead Physician
Dr. Cunningham is a board-certified Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician with a focus in allergy care. His expertise is in delivering virtual medical care and he is a strong advocate of expanding the availability of quality healthcare through technology. Having suffered from allergies for most of his life, Andrew has tried every allergy treatment, including allergy shots, and understands firsthand how important it is to find effective relief. He has a keen interest in allergy care and has written many articles on the topic.
Michael Brouthers
Key Advisor
Michael Brouthers is a proven healthcare leader with experience at some of the world’s largest healthcare payers, providers, and IT firms. He is currently the Founder/Principal of Ikigai Growth Partners, a growth consultancy with a “sister” micro–VC Fund that specializes in uncovering the best early-stage healthcare technology or tech-enabled services firms and connecting them with name-brand Payers, Providers, Self-Insured Employers, and TPAs. By doing so, both the early stage firm and the name-brand customer accelerate the kinds of innovations that improve healthcare delivery for patients, employers, and providers of care.